Friday, April 10, 2009

Hari Hari Terakhir Di Penang

Last week...i went to Penang Island with my girls and dilon (Thanks Dillon for joining us).

1st destination - Pelita Nasi Kandar for Breakfast.

2nd destination - to Bukit Bendera~~I love bukit Bendera..i can see whole pineng from here..i dont know, i just love it...

3rd destination:Pineng Times Squares

Then, we went to Pineng Times Squares for lunch. Unfortunately, we couldnt find d place to eat inside there, its still not done yet, just very very few stores were open, and the plan to lunch at OLDTOWN White Coffee(we saw from outside, but once we got inside...we couldnt find it..the place is just complicated..haha..poor us) was cancel.

4th destination: Gurney Plaza

At last, we changed the plan, and went all the way to Gurney, lunch at Gurney Food Court. I love the nasik goreng, made by Indonesian. Very nice. After lunch, just window shopping. When we entered Parkson, i found very attractive Paris Hilton and JLo bag worth rm500 plus minus. Seriously its gorgeous. waaaa....mahu banyak2!!! I'm going to have it someday with my own money. hmmm......

5th destination: Batu feringgi

Then went to Batu sunset....and Main-Baling-Batu... haha..dillon taught us how to throw the stone melantun when we throw it at water ( the shell commercial long time ago..haha)..suprisingly, I MADE IT!!! I cant believe it...but surely, everyones can do technically easy...

6th Destination: Sunway Carnival Mall
To spend the remaining hours, we went for movie at Sunway. There were fashion show as soon as we arrived at Sunway. We watch Shinjuku Incident. Jackie Chan movie with Daniel wu. And the japanese otoko. cant remember his name and too lazy to google. Its interesting story. Eventhough we sit at the 2nd row from front (the sits are full), still can enjoy it..hahaha...

till then..end...matta ne Pineng

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