Friday, April 17, 2009


Empat (tag dari Bibah)

1) 4 names that friend call you:


2) 4 Most Important dates in your life:

♥July 1997

3) 4 Things you've done in the last 30 minutes

♥lepak ngn Bibah
♥minum air
♥chat ngn Naz

4) 4 ways to be happy:

♥home with family
♥Eat delicious food
♥Shopping with a lot money

5) 4 of your favourite:

♥Ice cream

6)4 things always found in your bag

♥Make up

7) Top 4 u love soo much:


8) Top 4 'things' for you:


9) Top 4 who you would like to answer this survey:

♥whoever yg nak jwb


saya bibah said...

husband is a thing for u??????wahhhh..nicee

sheryzan said...