Wednesday, December 5, 2012

its one year, clap clap

Yup, dah satu tahun (on 1 Dec) keja with the current Company. Time memang berlalu sungguh pantas. Work to same company but different hire. From 1 dec 2011 to April 2011, I was secondee, and starting on May which is 2nd May, my birthday, absorbed as staff. But my job scope still the same. Ah, I dont know if u guys understand that. Nevermind, the main point, its one year dy, clap clap.

and within that one year, i got transferred to KL office until June 2014, le sigh. Its 5 months now living here in KL. Positively its a great thing happened me di pindahkan g kl. Meet new people at work, mostly with the engineers title. pardon me i own engineering degree, but i dont do engineering. Haha. I just dont want to, instead i"m doing management thingy, no technical, which is my preference.

My work life
Hmmmmm..quite challenging lah. and considered as fresh graduates la kot. not even 3 years of experience when i got that Job. I told u, in my company, out of 6 with the same position, am the only female, am the youngest, am the lack experience one. I just dont know why boss hired me with this position bah. Of course la people under me, which 10 years experience,memang pike mcm2. its really really really tough in term of buidling relationship with them. sometimes rs nak nangis, nak brenti keja pun ada. Sib bait la masih ada rsa kesedaran. i hv lotssss more to learn, lots thing to think about, and lots more to show. I am sure I can survive.

Dear myself, be strong.