Tuesday, March 31, 2009


1. 7 fakta tentang saya
  • tipikal
  • non talkative
  • open minded
  • natures lover
  • Arashi dai fan
  • sensitive
  • humble
2. 7 perkara menakutkan saya di dunia
  • sins
  • Insect yg terbang..spt belalang etc
  • Naik flight~fobia from last flight
  • Tmpt tinggi...gayat
  • Family lost
  • Jobless
  • disaster

3. 7 lagu buat masa sekarang

  • Believe-Arashi
  • Kumorinochi Kaisei-Ohno Satoshi
  • Bencinta-Faizail Tahir
  • Jai ho-PCD feat A.r rahman
  • love story-Taylor Swift
  • Because I'm Stupid-SS501
  • Flavor of Life-Utada Hikaru (after menonton HYD 2 over n over again-)

4. 7 perkara selalu sebut

  • nya ka
  • ooooo
  • ye ke
  • report dah siap
  • bosan
  • ngantok
  • Lapa

5. 7 perkara amat bernilai

  • family
  • Myself
  • friends
  • Memory
  • Agama
  • my external HD
  • Freestyle Book by Ohno Satoshi

6. 7 orang bertuah menjawab tag ini

  • nAZ..sila update blog anda
  • iza.psnn spt d atas
  • Mencarutakcoolok-aina
  • Bobby
  • Green (U know who u r)
  • Naim
  • Kaizar
ja ne

Friday, March 27, 2009

Merepak (translation: merepek)

tadi menitipkan komentar ke salah satu wedding picture (at facebook) of my former chemistry teacher, Mr.chin. then he replied me:

hi sherizan, where are you now?

Really miss Mr.Chin, for me, he is the best teacher ever. Even talk about football in class huh. Me taking Chemical engineering, because of he taught us Chemistry..not only Chemistry..he taught us everything...

i'm going to finish study soon

very soon

its 3am now

i should go to sleep

this weekend got a lot to do

-Printing worth 300pages
-less sleep
-more downloading

bila masa aku rasa final year yang kelas hanya 4 jam seminggu itu honeymoon?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

tag tag tag

menjawab tag dr bibabibah

1) show ur bag
currently, this is my bag. Actually my 1st big handbag...i carry it everywhere (before...i'm not into handbag...but now, i just realize how important this thing is)

2) Mention What Is In Your Bag (this is why this bag important)

-500ml skyjuice
-make up

these are things usually in my bag...

3) Choose 5 Friends To Do This



Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Jellyfish Blouse

JellyFish Blouse Inspired Nagasawa Shoko (Arashi No shukudaikun 52)

Shoko san (at the middle)

Chemical Night 2009 Theme: Garden Party

Me: out of theme..haha..Its Jellyfish Blouse Anyway (beside me..emmy)

i love this superloose blouse

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


artikel yang menarik. ok, perlu menumpukan perhatian kepada 3 jurnal yg Dr.Zainal bagi sekarang, esok ada test. sekian.

Monday, March 9, 2009

last weekends was chemical sports day. got some incident happen at the beginning, but it settled already, no need to mention. For final year girls, congrats for futsal and netball (not join) and also volleyball (join). It was my first time play volleyball seriously and first time I can serve the ball and it pass the net..haha..big success for me..seems like my beloved hand become stronger than before (lol..perasan). for badminton, I lost~no..emmy n me lost. i shaking to death for the 1st set. that makes me become clumsy. huhu. but its ok..just lost some point.. 19-21, 15-21 (if not mistaken..error plus minus 1). waaa, being involve in sports is really exciting. but i'm not good at it though. haha.

today, went to megamall pineng. Bought my wishlist. external harddisk 320G seagate. waaa...can keep my ARASHi stuff and jdorama a lot from now (ureshiii). also grab worth rm10 blouse. Kind of japanese blouse, blue colour. and, i drived from usm to megamall, (except to parking lot)I'm still not good at bukit2..haha..need a lot of practice.

thursday, got design test. 3 journals (each 33 pages) to read for the exam. aaaaaaa, just read 1 page, i started to yawn already. oh please, i need to study...i need to be rajin..

Friday, March 6, 2009

to whom may it concern

Dear my Friend,

sorry for my selfishness and unprofesional way that i did. I`m just too pissed off to -you-know-who

Gambate for next game, make sure you all beat the -you-know-who team kaw2. yehaa...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My POV: Slumdog Millionaire~

Setelah sekian lama menyimpan hasrat mahu menonton cerita slumdog millionaire, akhirnya malam tadi tercapai juga. hanya satu perkataan dapat aku gambar kan, BEAUTIFUL. I dont know how to describe the beautifulness of this story. its love story, its sibling relationship, its race issue, its amitabh bachan, its english educated indian,its who want to be a millionaire.hee

I used to watch coffee with karan on star world before, i didnt remember the guest, either hitrik roshan or shah rukh khan or none of above. They interviewed the children and ask their opinion about the guest artist. Partly shocked (haha) to see that most of the children speak fluent english, i dont know, maybe just in urban area (same as Malaysia i guess) or mostly of them.

When we talked about hindi film, it must include a lot of dances, songs. which took approximately 1 hours out of 3 hours of film. I used to love this dance2 things when watching hindi film, back then la. Now, i only watch Shah Rukh Khan and some saif ali khan movie. But slumdog Millionaire only got 1 slot of dance, during the ending (its 2 hours movie though, since its differ from other hindi movie). (warning: this is my point of view, i didnt read the story sinopsis or other viewer opinion)

overally (is this word exist?). This film was great (no wonder it oscar movie). I dont even realized the 2 hours past that quick. Jamal as child-cute chubby cheek . Jamal adult - handsome. haha.

side note:
current status: too many free time for weekdays, and too busy weekend.
things to do: final FYP report due on 30 March (still waiting for Dr.Derek to return my report for correction..azam: start buat awal, beware of last minute things)
: Final design Task, also due on 30 March
: Citrawarna USM-on 21 March. Ganbatte Kudasai!
: final exam ---tiadalaaaa...(belagak..hihi)
: this weekend: Chemical Sports day. final year team, gud luck!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

sudah lama tidak menulis

gembira tidak terkata, minggu lepas, experiment projek tahun akhir sudah siap. Mestila gembira, selepas 4 bulan bergelumang dengan perlbagai bahan kimia.naik turun tangga buat analisis. Report kedua juga baru siap tadi, walaupun isi kandungan tidak sehebat mana, buat the best i can, tambahan intenet limited malam tadi, jadi sumber journal berkurangan, minta maaf Dr.Derek. For the final report, i will make the bestest report ever. insyaAllah.

sekarang musim hujan, petang2 hujan. hujan seronok, sebab sejuk. mendorong untuk tidur. sekarang pun roomate aku 2 2 dah tewas dengan godaan cuaca. sekarang juga di kampus aku demam ABDC kot.. american best dance crew. aku pergi latihan citrawarna, topik utama, ABDC.sign in yahoo messenger, status ym org mostly pasal ABDC. well, aku pun sama. sejak ABDC wujud di usm lagi, aku dh tengok. haha. memang best (apa2 saja pasal tarian memang mengujakan). Aku mestila meminati Quest Crew kerana, setiap tarian mereka ada jalan cerita sendiri. final antara Quest Crew dan Beat Freaks. Beat Freak Group female. mungkin akan menjadi group female pertama yang menang, depends la kepada voters di amerika.

walaupun Quest Crew mungkin tidak menang, tapi akan tetap di hati ku. Aku wanita tipikal.

ja ne.
terasa mahu tidur, cuaca sejuk yang sangat menggoda