Monday, March 9, 2009

last weekends was chemical sports day. got some incident happen at the beginning, but it settled already, no need to mention. For final year girls, congrats for futsal and netball (not join) and also volleyball (join). It was my first time play volleyball seriously and first time I can serve the ball and it pass the net..haha..big success for me..seems like my beloved hand become stronger than before (lol..perasan). for badminton, I lost~no..emmy n me lost. i shaking to death for the 1st set. that makes me become clumsy. huhu. but its ok..just lost some point.. 19-21, 15-21 (if not mistaken..error plus minus 1). waaa, being involve in sports is really exciting. but i'm not good at it though. haha.

today, went to megamall pineng. Bought my wishlist. external harddisk 320G seagate. waaa...can keep my ARASHi stuff and jdorama a lot from now (ureshiii). also grab worth rm10 blouse. Kind of japanese blouse, blue colour. and, i drived from usm to megamall, (except to parking lot)I'm still not good at bukit2..haha..need a lot of practice.

thursday, got design test. 3 journals (each 33 pages) to read for the exam. aaaaaaa, just read 1 page, i started to yawn already. oh please, i need to study...i need to be rajin..

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