Tuesday, June 21, 2011


1. Beast Fan Meeting
If I got the free ticket from Era.fm or animax, I will go to the Fan Meeting. Can afford the ticket price. (aigo~ why ur noona is moneyless!), but still, depends on the Air Ticket. (again, moneyless!).

2. MTV World Stage 2011
Surely will get the passes for the world stage 2011 which featuring, again, Beast! But still in dilemma wether I should go or not. its July and its my Vavi named Kwangkwang Birthday (his birthday~ -.-")! Dang.

Still in thinking process~ now its 75% give up for both.

***I am just a B2uty for about 1 month++.
***I am moneyless, but dream very very high!
***apply for annual leave is very impossible during teaching semester~ the first warning already given for SS3 last March.Haha
***this is just duniawi~ back to reality please. ^_^

*Footnote: B2uty is fan name for Beast~

Gikwang ah~ noona want to see you! (owh, telebih suda)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Hair Style

What hair style nice to see? Looks good? change your face totally? Just to highlight about my like-to-see guy hair style. I called it eyebrow cover hairstyle. LOL. The front, the hair will cover up to eyebrows, at back, it trim neatly around neck~

recently spotted Tamin of Shinee in Oh! my school with this hair

The 1st person who introduce me this fabulous hairstyle is...

Ryeowook of Super Junior during No Others (this is my starting point fell in love with Super Junior)

I can remember who is the second one. But the newest 1 is~

Dong Woon from Beast for Fiction and Fact. Oh mai~ Gorgeous! (too sad I'm moneyless to make it to their fanmeeting this July *scream*)

credit: b2strising

and others:

Young Saeng for Let It Go ~

credit: ratushay.blogspot.com

Juh Hyung from Beast (Fiction and Fact)

credit: b2strising

 There some more, but can't remember all~

owh, all korean? no lah. recently i saw Hazama. This hair suit him well. Congrates to him, he is the only reason I watched AF9 apart from Paknil. ^^