Tuesday, March 27, 2012



wow, long time of my hiatus Blog, so pity. Update?

Its been almost 4 months am no longer a lecturer. New job, new company. So far, ok. Its the one that I'm looking for, management. Thanks God. But of course there are certain people, might be not satisfied with what I got now. Well you never see how I work. Please dont be such a judgemental person. If  I am not desired for this post, why boss hire me? why? So I am working for my boss, reporting to him, not you. As simple as that. Nothing is free, of course I am doing my work. Even others work, ok. So stop your freaking underestimate thinking towards others. Opss.

As part of my new job, i will be relocating, so bye-bye soon Miri. Hopefully its only for 2 years, as per schedule. Of course, its a very sad news. But positively, its a very good opportunity. All the best to me.

Maybe not too late for me to list out 2012 resolution here:
1) Iphone Samsung Tab
2) South Korea, 10 days trip
3) To meet B2st! Jaebal.
4) 48 kg! Pleasee.
5) Boyfriend (hahaha)

Only 5, and it will kept update.

Bye now.