Tuesday, March 27, 2012



wow, long time of my hiatus Blog, so pity. Update?

Its been almost 4 months am no longer a lecturer. New job, new company. So far, ok. Its the one that I'm looking for, management. Thanks God. But of course there are certain people, might be not satisfied with what I got now. Well you never see how I work. Please dont be such a judgemental person. If  I am not desired for this post, why boss hire me? why? So I am working for my boss, reporting to him, not you. As simple as that. Nothing is free, of course I am doing my work. Even others work, ok. So stop your freaking underestimate thinking towards others. Opss.

As part of my new job, i will be relocating, so bye-bye soon Miri. Hopefully its only for 2 years, as per schedule. Of course, its a very sad news. But positively, its a very good opportunity. All the best to me.

Maybe not too late for me to list out 2012 resolution here:
1) Iphone Samsung Tab
2) South Korea, 10 days trip
3) To meet B2st! Jaebal.
4) 48 kg! Pleasee.
5) Boyfriend (hahaha)

Only 5, and it will kept update.

Bye now.


Dyan Yanako said...

ooohh./.. me like the boyfriend part.hahah

sheryzan said...

waahahaha. Over sik yan? kehkeh