Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Saxophone with Love: Borneo Jazz 2012.

Few week past and I just got my idea to voice out my opinion on Borneo Jazz 2012, which held on 11 and 12 May 2012, and this review is just about SAXOPHONE.

Actually this is my first time attending live jazz performance ever. I listened to jazz music, but not that a lot. Zee Avi, Yuna is a must, and few songs, can't remember. I was very excited to watch the performance, since the first time I saw the advertisement at my office notice board, and I was pretty confidence of my April payment will be given before the time, but it turned out something happen with the check, and on 9 May, I haven't receive my April pay. At last, manage to go, thanks for the Birthday present my housemate. I owe u much!

1st Night
I came alone, all my buddies cannot make it, with thousand of reasons. I enjoyed the night with my housemate, met few people, and yeah. socialite all the way.

First review goes to the first performance by FVE Project, thanks a lot for bringing a positive first impression of jazz live performance, the guitars, the bass, the drum, the keyboard, and mostly the saxophone, the combination of all this instrument make my body move without being force. From their own composed song to another familiar songs, I became more and more anticipated, until the end of their performance, encore please? What's really attract me the most is the Mr.Saxophone. He sings through his saxophone! OMG! I totally blown away, together with the other instruments. Truly amazing performance, I definitely will come again to their show in the near future. All are great!

thanks to my outspoken housemate, she snapped 2 pics with Mr.Saxophone, =). So sayang I did not bring my own camera.

Got the pic from reyanna.blogspot.com

The second review goes to the performance from Schalk Joubert's 3 Continents Sextext. Miss Shannon blown me away with the sound from the saxophone. For sure, the other peformers from the group were amazing, how they mix all the instrument become one great performance, its pleasure to audience. One hour just not enough.

The third one is Koh Mr.Saxman and Takeshi the Band. Combination of saxophone and singing by a lady, can't recall her name. But yeah nice. I would listened to this type of music, flowy, make u feel relaxed and calm, and can I say, romantic? hmmm. Maybe.

At the end of Koh performance, he brought along Shannon, and they battled each other with their Saxophone. OMG! This complete my 2 nights of Borneo Jazz. Why don't u bring Jeffny too Mr.Koh?

The second night end with all the performers back on stage (except few groups) with one last great performance.

Opps, Mr.Saxophone biased again. haha.

Overall Opinion, I will definitely come again for Borneo Jazz 2013. Its a great stress releasing event, and get to know more people around us. Hopefully I get Media Pass next year! Bye bye.

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