Friday, January 30, 2009

Di atas info oleh my beloved Arashi Sharer about Maou DVD, I went to buy it at Megamall Pinang today. Nisa help me to search for the DVD at POPULAR since there's a lot of Jdorama DVD, luckily I found it first!!! Maybe thats what we call instint.hahaha..LOL.

this is my 1st WISH list for this SEM since last sem didnt get enough budget to buy it.

Front cover of Maou DVD

Back cover


ureshii ne.

2nd: bought skinny Jeans already,yehaa...also my wish list for this sem. hihi..

girls: its all about shopping

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

location: Pineng

THE WEDDING, nisa's friend,brother weds
location: gurun Kedah

makan d meja vip..delicious

sedap hingga menjilat jari

USM main campus~photograph practice

taken by nisa

taken by muzi

masterpiece (nisa said)-taken by nisa..soon to be pro photographer

taken by me(not bad..hehe)

Round2 Pineng
location: penang Island

Pondok Lembaran, USM

Ferry to Penang Island

Bukit Bendera(ticket sold out..cant go up hill..huu)

Langit kacak (nisa said)

nice post

~~Thanks Muzi n nora for coming~~

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

my own review..Uta no oniisan-episode 1

fdorama title: uta no oniisan

i've been waiting for this drama since it was announce..main attraction..of course OHNO SATOSHI will lead the dorama. originally aired every friday 1115pm, and it just started last week, 16 January. Just watch the first episod today. the subbed been out last monday..hayay neee. thanks a lot for the quick Job SUbber Team.

the 1st episode, lot of the scene shown in the preview. overall, its freaking funny. Part of it, its about family, adult..etc.this dorama show a real life of a young man (ohno) who yet did not sure about his real path, abt the society that seem harsh to him..etc..

ohno really good in acting. For this dorama, i use headfon, just to hear ohno talking voice..hehe..i like his voice..kind of..yakuza style..haha..

cant wait for the next episod..

p/s: ohno look really tanned..but, its awesome!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


mlm td mkn kt Maisara Cafe..

b4 mkn..trasa sgt ngntuk even dh tdo ptg kejap..

last resort..tpaksa order nescafe...utk tahan ngntok for a while..buat design...esok nak g least till 3am as always...






aku tidak dpt tidur langsung...pusing kanan kiri...useless...


sekarang...736am...still...tiada rs ngantok...

nescafe mlm td mmg kaw...sedap utk di minum....nescafe o yg kaw...huhuhuhu....
mahu tidurrrr..huhuhuuuuu....
.say no to nescafe kaw~~


Tuesday, January 13, 2009


cerita uban~~

Hari tu..dalam kereta..on the way balik dr PArit Buntar..makan2. kawan2 cerita pasal uban. kalau cerita pasal uban mestila lebih sinonim untuk org tua (ada gak org muda ada uban..)

teringat kat rumah..teringat kat Mak..selalunya..kt rumah..akulah tukang cari uban terunggul sekali among my siblings..tiap kali balik rumah..mesti dialog sama yang keluar

Mak: kauk nganyak yang pandai mehunja huban mamak nik..besiak jatul iwan..xpayah..pemalas hantap..

translation: awk je yang pandai cari uban mak..jatul n iwan (my lil bro n sis)..xpayahla..pemalas...

hehe..setiap kali dengar ni mesti xbolehla nak show depan beb..xtau la kenapa..dari dulu lagi..before mak ada uban..mak suruh carik rambut gatal..nak kata fevret..not that fevret..maybe aku rs..aku perlu buat apa yang mak suruh...lama2..jadi suka..or sudah biasa buat..sekarang ni..cari uban..sbb mak dah ada uban sikit2...its like playing hide and seek..or jigsaw puzzle...or etc...hehe...

thats all story about uban

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ohno addiction

i just check out on something at net just now...maou DVD at last out tomorrow...the best contain quite a lot of special in there..though i know someone will upload the special video later somewhere else...but still...i want to buy it..for my personal collection..hehe..i'm crazy about Ohno SAtoshi...dont know when it out for Malaysian...

next week...16 January...ohno new lead dorama will be aired... Uta no oniisan (singer man)... must be fun will be singing in the drama..waaaaa...i really adore+love+addict+etcccccc his voice...cant wait!!! wonder wheeennnnn i can meet him in person!!! grrrrrr.........he drive me crazy!!! hahaha...


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Life update~~!

day to become more and more tedious ever..huhu..need to run another 3 experiment...1 experiment just finished..tomorrow will start the 2nd one..another 2 to proceed...

conversation with Ivy this afternoon, at lab..i told her..i thought to talk to Doctor derek to cut 1 of the experiment because of time limited since 26 Februari is due date for discussion n result...but, seem like we cant...Ivy also hv the same though as me...we do very tedious work every single hours..even we chit chatting..but hand got a lot to do...and walk a lot to everywhere...huhu..we kind of fed up with this experiment...830 am..already at Lab..till 1pm..stop for lunch hour...2pm...continue...till 5pm..i dont even hv time (within office hour) to report my table lamp was out of function already...because office hour is very important to do the so called tedious-work-ever, every single minutes is precious....huhu...

then, whats more tiring...Dr.D ask me to do extra flask for another 12 and 14 days..3 flasks each...kind of..what?? i'm not master nor phD student who hv too many time by just doing lab...and can come whenever they can...huuuuuu....i'd talk to doctor about this,about this short little timing..but seem like Dr dont care about got only opproximately 2 months for this experiment which i think....veryyyyy tiring and need a lot of timeeeee...

i hate this continuous not challenging FYp...huh...

this luahan perasaan made when i was very tired to death (but still can blogging..hoho..well, those thing we like to do..we dont even know tired nor boring)...well, thats life!!!