Wednesday, January 21, 2009

my own review..Uta no oniisan-episode 1

fdorama title: uta no oniisan

i've been waiting for this drama since it was announce..main attraction..of course OHNO SATOSHI will lead the dorama. originally aired every friday 1115pm, and it just started last week, 16 January. Just watch the first episod today. the subbed been out last monday..hayay neee. thanks a lot for the quick Job SUbber Team.

the 1st episode, lot of the scene shown in the preview. overall, its freaking funny. Part of it, its about family, adult..etc.this dorama show a real life of a young man (ohno) who yet did not sure about his real path, abt the society that seem harsh to him..etc..

ohno really good in acting. For this dorama, i use headfon, just to hear ohno talking voice..hehe..i like his voice..kind of..yakuza style..haha..

cant wait for the next episod..

p/s: ohno look really tanned..but, its awesome!!!


aKmA said...

muka mcm syawal

sheryzan said...

nya ka ma?
ng taste kmk tok sama2 jak o...