Friday, January 30, 2009

Di atas info oleh my beloved Arashi Sharer about Maou DVD, I went to buy it at Megamall Pinang today. Nisa help me to search for the DVD at POPULAR since there's a lot of Jdorama DVD, luckily I found it first!!! Maybe thats what we call instint.hahaha..LOL.

this is my 1st WISH list for this SEM since last sem didnt get enough budget to buy it.

Front cover of Maou DVD

Back cover


ureshii ne.

2nd: bought skinny Jeans already,yehaa...also my wish list for this sem. hihi..

girls: its all about shopping


AnGeL On Earth said...


I noticed that u are following my blog "memories of life" .

I would like to inform u that i've changed my blog to iShare Corner:

Please follow iShare Corner instead of Memories of life cos I will delete Memories of life soon

Thx ^^

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sheryzan said...

added already...i forgot to change ur link in my page..thanks anyway for remind..and thanks a lot for the stuff u share..

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