Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hi~its April

Regarding my work~~that 30% unlike work (refering to last post)~~I guess I don't have any option for that matter.

Yesterday I have meeting with the head and brief about the work~~hmmm...the work truly confusing~~it happened to all of the involve party though....everyone feel the same way as I am (as a newcomer for the work)... '' this is your first time and I believe you have a lot of confusion in your mind, but after 9years, you will be me''~~~wahh...9years? 24 + 9 = 33...Perhaps I already married and got 2 children at that time~~haha...

But when I think deeply~~Its true...I have to do it no matter what...eventhough I have zero knowledge about it (no zero la..but less than 50%)...maybe this is something that I need to maybe ; to improve myself (inside and out)...trying to think positive for everything that I do~~I am big enough to think whats good for me and for my life~~

Good Luck for me~~

I moved to new renthouse yesterday~~thanks to my friend for the help...and thanks to mak and bapak to help me bought some stuff...I like the new house~~need some decoration for my own room~~

Ja ne

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gloomy Wednesday~~

Hari Rabu adalah hari pressure...
why? hari tu keja kena buat, hari tu juga barulah ada material untuk menyiapkan kerja tersebut? kenapa aku pressure? sebab mungkin aku tidak suka @ tidak memahami apa yang aku lakukan~~

Solution memang banyak~~pilih ja mana satu~~tapi mungkin solution tersebut boleh mengheret orang lain ke dalam masalah ini...At last, just me myself burn as candle burn itself for others brightness or nowadays, its aromatheraphyness....huh

Do I need a new job?
Practically and emosionally~~ yes...
But, I tried to figure out what~~I love my workplace...I love people around me~~but I do not love my this 30% Job..the other 70%...Alhamdulillah, I do it ikhlasly~~

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

No Mood

What Happen to me today~~
Boring semacam? Tiada mood...Tiada rasa lapar...
Even my material for lecture today also haven't complete...isk..although it only take about 1 hour to finish the material. I am so lazy~~unmotivated~~I want to go back..sleeping~~~Huhu...or go window shopping anywhere...

Maybe its the consequence of doing something we don't give a heart to it~~orang cakap..keterpaksaan~~Makin lama buat, Makin hilang minat~~supposely makin bertambah~~but its vice versa....

What happen to me today~~
my long lost no-mood suddenly come out~~huuuu....