Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Almost 8 months old~

yeah, its almost 8 months old since I got my first ever permanent job. As lecturer. some of it bitter, some of it sweet. but lots of it so-so. so far as I put a lot of positive thinking on my current job, i like it. Not the same feeling as before. U know what, i never ever dream involve in teaching, but ended up with it. Some people might say, ada hikmah di sebalik nya. well, its true.

I hv few friends with same job~ ya, we share the story, most of it, almost the same. but few of them are friends with their students, I mean go to lunch or dinner together, or texting each other, or add their facebook. Me, i don't do that. I just teach them, get friendly with them in class, and treat them equally, no race issue. But of course, we not that skema in class, laugh, or share their hometown stories, and recently I talk a lot about kpop. LOL.

'miss, can I add ur facebook?". its a no. I dont know why, I dont even add my family members. Its just friends list, haha. I mean, if I share my facebook, means that I share my life with them. Some of my feeling cant be shared to students. ah, hard to explain. As the name stated, its social network, I dont include students in my social network. in the mean time, its like that.

For me, I tried to be as professional as I can. I want a barrier between students and lecturer, so they can respect me. Am I too skema? maybe. But Its good for me.

foe example, since the students here is not high ranking student, its average and below, so lots of work needed. I tried to give them harder questions, so that they can learn more. Some of them will not come to class, because they dont want to study but their parent want them to further, and lots more.

Recently one of my student ask me do I like Beast? I said yes, why? and then he said he saw my carsticker with mybeauty fanclub signage. he also fanboy of Beast. Since that, he asked lots question bout beast, even dance in class, of course after the teaching session finished. I do share Kpop things, haha.

so far life good, work 8 - 430 pm. Reach home and watch kbs variety programmes. Sometimes go out for movie or just eat. Marriage? I dont think so I am ready for it. Thanks God I am sarawakians, for us, marriage at older age is not a big issues. I hv lots more to achieve. I am not definitely looking for Korean, though I like them. Haha~ Good Bye.

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Dyan Yanako said...

oooh ejan...lmk mek xngga post ktk koh....btw...mmg patut pun ktk meletakkan barrier btwn u n the students..it is necessary..altho fb maybe a faster medium to contact each other, but some issues are being our concern.privacy.yap..agree with you.hehe..btw..lmk xjumpa.bila leh lepak2?