Wednesday, July 6, 2011


its been ages i havent took supplement for my health~ just Vitamin C, but trust me, I only took it like few days in a week. No discipline at all.

Just starting from this week, I bought this supplement recommended by my friend looong time ago~ Yaeyama Chlorella, u can find it at Cosway.

I took it starting from Monday (4 July 2011) and of course can't see the effect now. I will do the review again for next 2 months.

I seen this microalgae before during my final year, to be exact, I did the Chaetoceros calcitrans and my friend under the same supervisor did this Chlorella, I admire the green colour, my calcitrans is plain brown~ haha.

Lets see what will be the result after few weeks. I am 25, less exercise, I just exercised by dance to Kpop song, really make u sweat, LOL. This year, I've been infected by fever 4th times, which is for me, not good.

Another main reason, I need to loss some weight~ just a few, not too thin. I've been staying at home with family around which food is not a problem (compare during my study life~ haha). My siblings~ all of them are Big in size, tall, fat builder, haha ~ For my sake, I will avoid it.. I am short + petite (not so lah).

I love to eat unhealthy food~ and the result will increase my weight, thats the problem, ahaha..

*** I dont hv issue for big size, its just for my sake***


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