Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My POV: Slumdog Millionaire~

Setelah sekian lama menyimpan hasrat mahu menonton cerita slumdog millionaire, akhirnya malam tadi tercapai juga. hanya satu perkataan dapat aku gambar kan, BEAUTIFUL. I dont know how to describe the beautifulness of this story. its love story, its sibling relationship, its race issue, its amitabh bachan, its english educated indian,its who want to be a millionaire.hee

I used to watch coffee with karan on star world before, i didnt remember the guest, either hitrik roshan or shah rukh khan or none of above. They interviewed the children and ask their opinion about the guest artist. Partly shocked (haha) to see that most of the children speak fluent english, i dont know, maybe just in urban area (same as Malaysia i guess) or mostly of them.

When we talked about hindi film, it must include a lot of dances, songs. which took approximately 1 hours out of 3 hours of film. I used to love this dance2 things when watching hindi film, back then la. Now, i only watch Shah Rukh Khan and some saif ali khan movie. But slumdog Millionaire only got 1 slot of dance, during the ending (its 2 hours movie though, since its differ from other hindi movie). (warning: this is my point of view, i didnt read the story sinopsis or other viewer opinion)

overally (is this word exist?). This film was great (no wonder it oscar movie). I dont even realized the 2 hours past that quick. Jamal as child-cute chubby cheek . Jamal adult - handsome. haha.

side note:
current status: too many free time for weekdays, and too busy weekend.
things to do: final FYP report due on 30 March (still waiting for Dr.Derek to return my report for correction..azam: start buat awal, beware of last minute things)
: Final design Task, also due on 30 March
: Citrawarna USM-on 21 March. Ganbatte Kudasai!
: final exam ---tiadalaaaa...(belagak..hihi)
: this weekend: Chemical Sports day. final year team, gud luck!


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