Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend drama I love: My husband got a Family

Hi there,

I like this weekend drama so much, watch it through kbsw though, feeling lebeh ckit bla tgga d tv, compare to lappy.

Title: My Husband got a Family
Air time: 650 -8 pm, weekend
Channel: kbs world ch 391

1) Its type of drama I can watch few times, same as 49days. The plot is so real, and maybe i am soo into korea thingy, i like it. Its love, family, in-lawss thingy culture in one drama.

2) Her husband is a doctor, and he is very nice, lovable, good to parents, make me so into this drama, lol. Cita2 zaman remaja adalah berkahwin dgn seorg doctor, sila ketawa guling-guling.

bye2 ^^

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