Friday, September 21, 2012

Be healthy

Hi yuols,

Dua minggu lepas was quite a not so good lah to me. Tetiba diserang pening yang amat. I consume few of paracetamol, then after referring to few website, tanda2 migraine lah. Supposely refer la g clinic o, agak doctor. but terasa amat naves. Huuuu. But I am looking forward for a consultation session, which i dont know when.

I dont really took good care of my health plus udara keyel tok nok sik berapala nak sehat. I eat less healthy food, sik eksesais. isk.. my only eksesais adalah turun nait jejantas nak g lrt station, which i think, okla.. haha. but x bepeloh pun, toksin still x kuar o..

Plus, semenjak menjadi peminat tegar kupi, its hard to stop la, but i tried slowly, replacing it with green tea or just plain water...

And yesterday i just had this migraine attack again, I slept early, got 8 hrs of sleep, but the pain still there. So I took 2 paracetamol this morning, the headache gone. Dear me, please take a good care of ur body and health condition. Camne nak standing for almost 3 hours tgga bigbang klak? lol..nak ngeso la tek, but yeah, trust me, bila anda adalah seorg yang bersemangat melihat konsert seperti saya, u need a healthy body. lol..

Ja ne.

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