Saturday, September 1, 2012

90 sen...

Assalam beautiful people,

Marek I read this blog post by fatin liyana, to summarise, she write about our hak la to something, and i strongly agreed by reading it, good post. and marek juak, am going to Times Square, carik baju non-branded murah k keja, seriously I like kedei2 d Times Square. quality not la that good kan, u need to be selective ckit la, pandei2 la crik benda best, and one thing, it is up-to-date fashion style. (my annoying prinsip: I am gorgeous wlupun memakai baju murah..LOL..sila muntah).

Back to main story, mok di jadikan cerita.. g la Watson mok beli mask & baby oil, and my friend g byr dolok, am queue behind her, and this Cashier, lady, promoted all she can about watson member card and all those. Seriously that negotiation with my friend took almost 5 minutes, 5 minutes banyak beza ok. Dah kwn ku pdh xmok, xpyhla mejal. Gik juak mejal. I told u, penah juakla few times da cashier watson promo those thing to me, but cdaknya xla mejal.. maybe desire of that Times Square watson is more than others kot, tapi i seriously dont like the way she promoted, as a customer, u will not attrack at all.

and then it is my turn, she asked "cik nak buat watson member card?" i said no with my hand gesture. thats it la tek, maybe she think I was rude, because when she wanted to explain more, i just said no. Mok di jadikan cerita, my total is 9.05sen, and for that case, i give her 10 sen, but she seems to ignore my 10 sen. i have so much coin in my purse, i dont want any 90sen to fill it. Since she didnt accept my 10 sen, then I just let the 10 sen there, and she gives me only 5 sen. i just took the balance, and think, maybe I salah tangga kot total tek, so i look back the receipt, yes, mine was betol lah, 9.05 sen, and suddenly my thought of what fatin liyana did over 2 ringgit came to me. even 90sen pun, hak juak ya. Usually i dont mind at all. 90 sen jak kan, sedekah jakla ngn watson yg dah kaya ya.. tp psl hak tek..

go back to the cashier, and told her, bukan my balance is 90 sen ker? thats y i give u 10 sen just now, to give me back rm1.05. And what menbengangkan, she said no SOOORRRRYYY at all padahal its obvious kot her mistake. She is cashier, she should be trained with all those numbering, weeiyy, even org tadika pun pandei kot berik balance 90 sen. Seriously, munla cashier ya pdh sorry miss, i could just let go those 90 sen.

ok, thats all my bebelan over cashier. sometimes i dont understand, why people with customer services related (cashier, banker, waiter, waitress etc) tok, not really understanding their job as providing customer services, please la layan customer dengan senyum, cayakla, even dengan senyum, marah pun jd x marah ok. tok muka menjus, mcmla kta beli berg or pesan mknn dgn berhutang. pelek eh.. bubye..

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