Sunday, November 7, 2010


Glad tuition week (a.k.a Teaching week) is over. Will have extra time to focus on life matter, to be exact, future matter. All the best. And today I'm planning to complete marking task for 1 subject and another subject tomorrow.

There is a reflection assignment of student, what they think of the Unit. And this is what he wrote (one of my student)

The mark for the first report has not achieved the target the team has hoped for, and as a leader I must take full responsibility for the disappointing results. But the extra guidance from the tutor, Ms Sherizan, has helped to improve for the final report. The enthusiasm and workload shown by certain group mates has helped to improve the progress of the report which shows the team spirit is still there despite the setbacks. The tireless spirit they have shown, coupled with Ms Sherizan’s extra guidance, has been the motivation for me to thrive further not only in the report writing but to my studies, which greatly reduces my burden and worries of the team’s EFDP position.

Haha. I don't know his intention to get higher mark or what, but I really appreciate this. Thanks a lot.

Happy Depavali~


saya bibah said...

kipas baik la student awak~

sheryzan said... knal die...mmg blur2 eyra..huhu..