Monday, October 11, 2010

Airplanes or shooting stars?


anda penah kena tinggal belon (flight)? Well, Aku bersyukur haven't left out by flight so far. Dalam mimpi pernah. Quite few times la. I remembered last few years, my friends becerita at me, beliau kena tinggal flight. The check in kaunter closed already. Then I asked, what time did you check in. Then he say bla bla bla. Owh, I know already. Sila lihat tiket anda sebelum berjalan ok. Certain syarikat penerbangan memang menetapkan syarat sebelum berlepas. Check in start pukul berapa, check out pukul brapa (eh, ada kah check out? lol). Its up to our sensitivity towards time, and of course our time management.

Last week, I heard the same things. Just a reminder to me myself and people, silalah standby awal pg airport check in. This airplanes may not same as that airplanes. Most important things, read. Its wide range of Power of Reading (which sometimes I'm not applying this statement, haha).


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