Monday, November 22, 2010



I guess not too late to congratulate Lin Dan for his victory..bravo~no bias issues~ Lucky? No lah..victory came from his really tremendous continuous effort..

OMG, he got the Job that I really want..he was such a lucky guy..Lucky? I don't think so~
1. Study and perform during study and get good cgpa
2. not that good cgpa but yet prove he got lots of potential through interview skill
3. Using so called orang dalam? True, but I don't think any company will employed them if they cant see any good from them. I don't know how to explain but I can use analogy

                 ~2 guys come to meet his GF parents, 1st guys, very smart, neat, confiden~ 2nd guys, look so-so, not determined etc.. of course parents will turn to the 1st guys~ not all, but mostly the first impression is important~

Shoot, they got that parking space.I wandering here for almost half an hour and they just came and got the parking 1st before me? what the heck?

Haha~always happened..This is sometime relate to lucky..yes..but someone told us during the module ''always say to yourself, I will get the parking space'' or in other word, said positive works..

To all my GP friends~ All the best..

p/s: our former Pengetua said, don't use Good Luck as a wish, instead, change it to All the best~go beyond the best~ because Good Luck somehow doesn't apply to everybody..but when you said all the best~we will do the best..bukan setakat termampu...

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