Monday, October 20, 2008

my chaeceteros calcitrans~~

on d way stdy..sempat lagi type blog..
biasala.huee..dah abis baca..tapi tidak menghafal sepenuhnya..
ada 50% time..tdo kul3..bc n hafal n paham semuanya..insyaAllah..

pagi tadi..melawat microalgae yang ku culture last thursday..3 conical flask was ok, the brown colour of chaeceteros calcitrans getting brownier..hua..smakin gelap..thats mean, its cell grown up ..cell duplication..

but the other 3 and also Dr.derek microalgae, tetraselmis sp..all look other word..maybe the microalgae died..but its using the same medium culture that i prepaid with the 3 conical flask that shown positive result. for solution D which is vitamin stock solution..the a little bit error during its preparation, but only very little error..because the weight is tooooo small...

so, dr.derek volunteer himself to check whats the problem (as expected from dedicated fresh lecturer). me of course dont have idea whats happening. this project is real damn tiring.. time consuming..luckily i love doing this such experiment..hopefully everyhing will be ok throughout my project..

and thanks a lot for my friend motorcycle..i can easily move with your beloved green motor.haha..less sweat..less energy..

ok..benkyo time~~

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