Saturday, October 11, 2008

~~himitsu no Arashi~~

yesterday...i watched Himitsu no Arashi..3 episodes in a row..himitsu mean secret..the show is conducted by Arashi's member..they go and investigate some technique or unusual or etc interesting around their own country that not many people known it..that's why its call himitsu ne~~

all of 3 episodes...i attracted the investigation about the cashier at supermarket..they investigated the background of the cashier..a big surprise for me..they even have the competition for the cashier among them..i dont know..maybe just around tokyo..the criteria being judge is who is the fastest cashier..the politest..etc... in certain supermarket, they even have training room for those cashier... in term of quickness for calculate the item being buy... and also the polite way to greet the customer while they on duty..its super sugoi for me..i dont know if our country have such thing.. but i have a friend work as a cashier..she never tell me about this...

maybe some in my country the do such training~~hmmmm.....time is very valuable..time is money...hehe...


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