Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tagged by bibabibah

Instead of after lunch nap(haha)...better buat soalan tag..haha...

1) Go to your photos folder in your computer
2) Go to the 6th folder of the photos
3) Go to the 6th picture of the folder

*put the picture on your blog and description of it

Pict description: picture was taken during Island Hoping@Langkawi. Sadly, I'm not included in this 6th this photo from left to right (nadz,atif, wan eyra)..maybe I took the pict..cant remember.

*invite 4 friends to join the challenge
= Kathy
= Korn
= Naim
= ruffey

did hv many blog list..just tag randomly..


saya bibah said...

femes la aku camni.haha

sheryzan said...

haha..dah la kt blog iza die gak..isk..glemer nih