Thursday, February 19, 2009

CamerON Trip (7 Feb 09)

just got time to update...(plus internet connection really sucks past few days..or weeks...not in the mood for any

DATE: 7 Feb 2009
(ME, nisa, juju and addy)


Lunch at Chocoberry (Fish and chips)

dessert: Tiramisu mousse (delicious!!)

the ripe one

eat a lot of strawberry today..haha

@Cameron Valley

@rose farm

cantik~~(taken by nisa)

Daisy..i love u

How i wish i could live in Cameron, due to its cold weather. so refreshing, but along the way to every destination we went, the area is not so nice to see. The area not really clean as what i imagine before i heading there, maybe it still in developing process? I dont know, never been there before and i have 0 idea how cameron is and I am not being expose to Cameron before, but i think, i fall in love with cameron. hehe.

Next destination: Kundasang, Sabah (a big hope..hehe)

till next post,

matta ne.


nur izzatul akmal said...

smpai hati xbgtau..
nasib baek bg keychain strawberry..

saya bibah said...

nak ikut pi sabahhh!!

sheryzan said...

jom g kundasanggg