Saturday, November 9, 2013

Trust ~ an emo post

Pergh, last post 5 Dec and I suddenly want to write. Yes, am writing surely because I got a lot of things in my mind, I need to let it go by share the story.

Worklife, getting busier. Few ups & downs alongside. From handling one project on 2011, now grew up to 4 projects. Last time, out of 8 working hrs, only 4-6 its doing core works. and now, 8 hrs is not enough. going back when the sun is down. However I tried as much as possible to go back early, cuz I dont like being in office for long working hours. but good then, I actually love being busy than sit with nothing to do.

So I had this appraisal session with my Lead, I can sense his attention to get me permanently here in KL. So I am certain, I will be not forever, but gonna be long staying here. I really need to think for business opportunity now, cant work forever.

so that is worklife update so far.

Let me switch to another topic which is trust. I've been in boarding school since the age of 13. I think that 5+1+4 years of being away from family built the trust of my parents & I. My mom rule is really simple, you can go anywhere you can, but use ur own money. Simple right? I didn't lie to them, please dont. And I am pretty good with money management. haha. trust me. I used my jpa money wisely during my study year. Even if I didnt got any fund, I still will use money wisely. because I know, how hard my parents working for money back then. We are not rich okay.

So, thanks to my parents for their hardwork, I am able to stand today and for the future InshaAllah.

My simple advise:
- dont lie to parents - once you lost their trust, I guarantee you, its gonna be forever. No matter how good  you are in the later day, they will still have that bad thinking in their mind. So please don't. Especially abt money, dont simply lie to your parents you need money to pay for some school fee. In fact the money is use for your weekend getaway. WTH. Please go back to your sense as a Muslim. You may not see the consequence now, later?

So mamak & bapak and my close friends, please pray for my best here. I am away of my weekend gathering with family & friends back there in Miri though I fly back once a month, but still, I am freaking miss my Miri friends damn much. Thats why I am actively going to Kpop concert here, it relieve me much. Kpop give me positive vibe, and new friends. I dont want to involve with anything though I like jazz a lot, somehow the place its not for me to go alone.

till then.

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