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Fan Account: Big Bang Galaxy Alive Tour 2012 Malaysia


ready for my loonggg Fan account for Bigbang Galaxy Alive Tour Malaysia? Yeah, keep reading.

I first know Big Bang will held their first ever concert in Malaysia after Nisa told me, and yeah, she told me, "cun cun lepas raya aji". owh, so mmg sekda perasaan la juak, di sebabkan diri ini bkn VIP, tapi memandangkan aku mmg dah ada d kl, rsnya mmg akan pergi. Time ya juak BigBang comeback Fantastic Baby, Blue and Bad Boy. Tgga perf, omg, their stage perf mmg tip top. So decided, I'm aiming for Cat2.

My friend's friend volunteer to buy bulk ticket, but i was too late to decide, end up out of list. Nevermind, I will buy online. But during the ticket open sale at farenheit, it superduper fast selling. my cat2 SOLD OUT! I'm frustated and didnt think about it for about 2 weeks. And then find few tickt people selling online, but the price so HIGH!

Luckily organiser release another tickt for CAT 4 and CAT7, but i heard the news quite late, cat4 sold out. demit. Then i just bought CAT7, online.

and i suddenly longing for CAT 2 again, search through twitter and facebook, but the price again, too HIGH from original. And was frustated again.

One fine night, after back from Miri, browse through facebook, OMG, its final release ticket, got CAT 2. and i bought the ticket for CAT 2 straight away. and yeah!!!! SO HAPPY.

On the concert day:

from facebook and twitter, i saw lots of people already queue up at the entrance of stadium merdeka. So i just think, no need la too early, i need to save my energy for the big night. I went with my friends and we met at kl central about 230, lunch, and reach Stadium Merdeka about 330. and from kl-central to monorail station, heavy rain. So all my cantik2 rambut, cantik2 make up, cantik2 baju for Taeyang mmg musnah lahh.. nevermind lah. We didnt bring umbrella because the concert doesnt allow us to bring that. Last time SS3, our umbrella was taken. Uhh..

reach stadium merdeka, huge crowd! So we went for official and non-official merchandise shopping. I bought Official lightstick (no need long queue pun, i read one FA, she queue for and hour + for the official merchandise).. a headband and handband (pick randomly by ica without realise those handband got name, i got Taeyang for both.. so me and Taeyang, destined to be together, LOL).. So we did shopping, took pic, and yeah, met my senior.. took pic again.. and ready to queue. We start Queue around 530, and by 6, i already enter my CAT2 area.

#complain1: the entrance was not good at all, cat2, cat 3, cat 4 and cat 7, all in one area, only the front got division. I'm paying 588, but the queue system sucks much. They should organise the entrance for every CAT smoothly lah, no rebut2 like last time. huh

complain2: when i reached cat2 area, i see cat2 and cat3 area was wayy toooo different from the layout. Its good for Cat3 since the got 1/4 of the stage, but in the original layout, cat3 standing area is beside VIP, which is far from stage. I am frustated over this. rm100 is huge different bah. Half of the cat 3 area should belong to cat2. Ok, thanks. RITS, dont let this happen ever again.

and while waiting for the concert started, heavy rain again. Raincoat save us. and loner at cat2. About 8+, the concert start with the Big Bang in the capsule. and yeahhhhh!!!!! i cant believe it started alreadyyyyyyy!!!!!!

Alive Intro and Tonight start up the heat of the BIG BANG night. and i screamed as hard as i can. What I like from this concert?

1. The showmanship

All of the are energetic, and great. The vocal, the dance, the handsome, the great outfit. say it. all inside. LOL.

2. Speaking in English/Bahasa

When talking part, they speak in English, and even Bahasa Melayu. I like when Taeyang rap Aku Cinta Padamu etc2, and mention Malaysia quite number of time. This to show their appreciation to the fans. And i like what Seungri said during first talking part. "no rain can stop us". yeah! How good the spirit is?? 


credit to uploader

3. Close to Fans

I remembered a lot GD part, swag check swag check. "when i say swag, u say check" "swag" "check" "swag" "check". and really lovee this part. and when they ask crowd to follow them, say yea yea... say yeah yeah yeah... it sure make u go crazy..
Here is the video (credit to uploader)


4. Playful Taeyang

U know how playful Taeyang is. Urgh. Yeah absolutely he is my biased, so focus is more on him. So, this is the only video I upload. haha

Please ignore my crazy scream. 

5. Seungri fancam
 After the Encore concert release from Bigbang Official youtube, i made a thorough study, just to find my face in Seungri Fancam. Here it is. Haha, its only in 1 freaking second! I can spot myself in the Seungri fancam. hahaha..

This is the Official fancam: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ud3iC9kVP8&feature=plcp&noredirect=1

This is the fancam took by kpophuntress, Seungri at first is where i was standing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OKGJi2ibKo&list=UUo5WSxMqONUD9UXxeb7ScKQ&noredirect=1

Overall, i really enjoy the concert to the fullest. Leher sangat sakit akibat over menjerit. Suju dtg pun ku x jerit gilak sampei sakit And i still have this post-concert fever. Even cry when watch haruharu fancam just now. Uh. So great.

By the way, i did homework before the concert, i googled the songs the will performed, download it and listen over and over again, about 3 weeks. and its work. i dont know the lyrics, but at least i know the song. Fantastic Baby was so great watch them perform live. I though GD seems bad boy, but he is totally not, but cute. i feel like grab him and put in my handbag forever. So CUTE! The magnae, seungri, seriously handsome in real live, different from tv. Ouh!!! GD, Teydaddy and Seungri are the 3 members i saw closed up, because they went to our side few times. and i like melting there.

Ok, i should end her. Sorry for my terrible typo, grammar, vocabulary etc etc. am toooo excited while typing these. I thought this going to be my first and last for big bang, but i dont think so. Luckily Singapore concert already passed, if not, i might be crazy enough to went there. Ja ne.

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